Ahad, 10 Jun 2012

Eating in Egypt

While I was arranging tremendous amount of virtual files in my laptop, especially the 'pictures' folder, I coincidentally found so many old photos of foods that I have even forgot that I ate those foods before. They're either from my own kitchen or from the fancy restaurants here. 

This is obviously one of the countless blessings from Allah. Food! Living in Egypt made me realize that food is not only a 'small' thing, they affected our lives! Imagine if I was fated to study in US/ UK, my mouth would be probably always full with saliva especially when I come across to any fancy restaurant , due to non-halal ingredients.. That is not even a problem in Egypt. Food is almost everywhere, especially halal food! :)

In spite of living in Tanta (which is a kind of rural area and not as urban as Cairo ), their food industry is far more beyond Batu Pahat. KFC and Pizza Hut dipandang sebelah mata je! :P 

Since my parents involve in food business, and love foods so much like I do, I know they would be so glad to taste the variety of  foods here. I badly want to take them here, but money keep blocking the way..insyaAllah before I graduate, I hope they'll come here at least for once in their life. ameen. 

So here's the photos! :D (which was taken either from my house, friend's house, Tarboush, Stereo, Savanah, Ketchup n other restaurant - forgot their name, sorry! )

Free food during Ramadhan for the whole month! . What a bless! 

Winter only. sob sob. 

lasagna firah (ayam) kat savanah - my most favourite dish!! :)

cheesecake resepi mak. simple. i'm a cheesecake-a-holic. (is there any such word? :P ) 

homemade apple pie, 3rd attempt so far. 

Somtam, my dear housemate, Afaf, made this. such a great food.  tapi yang ini guna carrot berbanding betik muda. She said that Somtam is more 2nd popular food in Thailand after TomYam. yummy. such a light kind of dish, tend to finish them all ! :P

This is the latest effort ; LAKSAM!
Thanks to Atiqah Abdullah kerana menyebabkan saya suka sangat laksam. Guna tepung beras dari Malaysia tuuu.. InsyaAllah nak sangat buat sendiri kat Malaysia nanti. Tak sesusah yang disangka.

berdasarkan makanan di atas, nampak sangat terlalu kurang makan makanan tempatan arab kan.. huuu.. ok pasni kene rajin-rajin makan kabsah, sup mulukiah, dan lain-lain! insyaAllah. 

Oh and about the price, the foods from the fancy restaurants was not so expensive. Approximately for about RM 10- RM 25 per plate. depends on the menu and restaurant. This also depends on my financial status (which is always so-so), eat there only once in a month to release some tense with some friends. 

Ok I think that's it. Pray for me, my next paper is on 19 June. thank you people, for your time till this smile :) 

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