Selasa, 12 Jun 2012

Cooking depression

Some says cooking is a therapy.

But sometimes, like this moment, cooking make me sad.  I don't know why, suddenly feel depressed. 

Whenever I tried my best and very hard to prepare my dish, something else happen that would make me down out of blue. yes, emotional much. yes, i'm such a moody girl.

Lagi-lagi dalam musim peperiksaan, memang perkara kecil boleh jadi emosi. 

Hargailah setiap makanan dimasak, kerana mungkin sekecil-kecil penghargaan boleh membuat hatinya berbunga-bunga selepas itu untuk terus duduk di meja study lantas melonjak semangat belajar.  

Pernah tak berjumpa dengan orang yang perkara kecil pun dia sangat-sangat gembira dan hargai dan terkinja-kinja kesukaan? This kind of people never failed to make me happy. I feel like I meant the whole world to her. Sadly, I met less that kind of person lately (in Egypt), hm.. kind of opposite. make my self-esteem turn upside down. T_T

Lately, I think about my mysterious Mr Right (biaselah, musim exam) , thinking too far, too deep, too details, too high expectation, and hence, make me think the worst probability Allah would ever done to me. Scared myself so much and cry to sleep. Thought like "a bad girl like me will never ended up with a good guy" keep lingering in my mind. (like Allah promised). At the end of the day, I know it is always on me to work harder in this religion, for His bless. and try to avoid thinking unnecessary things like fate. Thinking too much just make me cry. 

ok this post is full of sad things. sebelum terkeluar cerita-cerita sedih lain, I better stop. 

ok ummu, studyyy!! 
and smile.. ;)

p/s : I still have my love towards cooking and baking.

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